Delta to Charge Fee For Paper Ticket Conversion

Delta Air Lines today announced it will issue only electronic tickets (ET) for all ET-eligible travel itineraries, effective immediately.
Customers with electronic tickets will still receive a ?epaper?f confirmation in the form of a combined receipt and itinerary card that provides the same relevant information as a paper ticket.
Customers can voluntarily request to convert tickets from electronic to paper for $10 at Delta`s worldwide reservations offices, city ticket offices and airport ticket offices. This fee is intended to offset increasing costs associated with paper ticket processing and also is effective immediately.

The fee will be waived for Delta SkyMiles Medallion members and for customers purchasing full fare, unrestricted tickets. The fee also does not apply for paper tickets originally issued or converted by a travel agent; but it will apply if Delta converts a travel agent-issued ticket from electronic to paper.

At present, more than 75% of Delta customers worldwide take advantage of electronic ticketing.