Open Roads Selects Tribal Internet for Tailored Travel Portal

Holidays conjure up images of relaxation and escapism!  But deciding on and getting to a destination can be a logistical nightmare, especially if
time is critical.
Most of us want flexibility and independence when
travelling, but this requires searching across a variety of travel agents or

Open Roads appointed Tribal Internet
to design an internet portal that
would include over 100,000 places to visit, stay, eat and shop in Britain, US and
Europe.  The main aim was to ensure that site visitors could search for
and book a holiday using a number of categories and using only one source - the

For example, Tribal Internet has designed a facility that enables you to use
your hobbies as a way to search for a suitable holiday. This section
lists 20 areas of interests from the spiritual world to food and drink.  Once
a selection has been made the website will list a number of suitable destinations.  In addition, holidays can be searched for by using type
of travel, price range and countries.

Tribal Internet specialises in working with SMEs to assist them with
custom web design.  Its expertise in interactivity meant that it was able to
design and build the sophisticated databases required for the Open Roads
The main challenge was to present detailed travel information in a
efficient and user-friendly manner.

Tony Butcher, managing director of Tribal Internet says, “Open Roads is
a thoroughly enjoyable project to work on.  The type of travel website
Open Roads was looking for, really tested our database design skills and creative
thinking.  We incorporated superior searching techniques, mapping and
the ability to bookmark items.  We believe the website will ensure that travellers book a holiday that is totally tailored to them.”


“We set out to achieve an internet portal that operated more
efficiently, offered more content, with a more attractive design than our
That has largely been achieved already, but we are always looking for
further improvements.  Initially, we awarded the business to another
who failed to deliver, so we reverted to our second choice - Tribal
Internet!  It has turned out to be the decision we should have made in
first place. ” Adds Len Wright, managing director of Open Roads.