BostonCoach goes Wireless

With use of Web-enabled wireless devices expected to grow significantly over the next several years,
announced that it is officially launching its new wireless service, go coach!.
BostonCoach Web customers will be able to manage their reservations through any Web-enabled phone or PDA, or as an AvantGo channel, providing anytime access to BostonCoach reservations.

The new wireless service enables BostonCoach Web customers to make, cancel or modify reservations, receive confirmations, view itineraries and confirm pick-up instructions. Currently, this real-time information is available for reservations made through the BostonCoach Web site or the go coach! service. In a future release, BostonCoach will incorporate multi-channel connectivity, linking all reservations together in a single system. This will enable customers to view, and modify reservations through the go coach! service regardless of the source of the original booking.

As part of the launch of the service, BostonCoach has announced that go coach! is also one of four travel applications integrated into the MyPalm portal, accessible via the new Palm i705 wireless handheld as part of the Palm.Net wireless service. The Palm i705 handheld is the only wireless solution in the marketplace that delivers an always-on service, secure, end-to-end, behind-the-firewall ?gpush?h email for corporate users, web browsing and expansion, and AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) service, with the classic Palm Personal Information Management (PIM) features. BostonCoach is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fidelity Investments, one of the world?fs leading investment companies.