Honor Recognizes “Delta Nervous System” an Innovative Digital Network

Delta Air Lines
(NYSE:DAL) and Delta Technology (DT), its wholly owned information technology subsidiary, today announced the Delta Nervous System (DNS), the airline industry`s first real-time, digital network, was recognized as one of five finalists for a coveted 2002 Computerworld Honors Program 21st Century Achievement Award.

“We are honored to receive this prestigious recognition for the Delta Nervous System,” said Curtis Robb, acting chief information officer of Delta and president and chief executive officer of DT. “DNS is an integrated network unlike any other in the industry today. DNS allows Delta to share consistent, real-time information with our customers and employees, which ultimately enhances the travel experience for Delta customers.”

DNS is a dynamic digital network that constantly receives, stores, organizes, filters and distributes data to ensure that employees and travelers receive clear, consistent and timely information through a variety of channels. This includes the airline?fs Gate Information Display Screens (GIDS), Flight Information Display Screen (FIDS), kiosks, and delta.com, Delta?fs award-winning Web site.

“DNS is an all-encompassing information revolution,” said Mike Childress, Delta Technology vice president of the Delta Nervous System.
“It`s a new way of thinking about how business is conducted and Delta is the only airline using this type of complex infrastructure to run its day-to-day operations.”


Nominated in the transportation category by Deborah Nelson, Hewlett Packard vice president of Marketing, DNS is now part of a collection that includes more than 300 of the year`s most innovative applications of technology and will be housed in the archival institutions of the International Archives across the world.

As a finalist, Delta and DT will be a guest of honor at formal ceremonies in Washington, D.C., on June 3, when one worldwide finalist from each of 10 categories will receive the 21st Century Achievement Award.

“Finalists for 2002 Computerworld Honors represent those organizations whose use of information technology has been especially noteworthy for the originality of its conception, the breadth of its vision and the significance of its benefit to society,” said Patrick J. McGovern, chairman of the Computerworld Honors Program Chairmen`s Committee.

This is the third consecutive year Delta and Delta Technology have been recognized as finalists by the Computerworld Honors Program
(formerly the Computerworld Smithsonian Award Program). In 2000, Delta was awarded the Computerworld Smithsonian Award in the transportation category for the airline?fs Airport Renewal “Customer Care” system, an integrated digital network that collects data, records events, and automatically pushes accurate, up-to-the-minute information to employees and passengers, giving them the information they need even before they ask for it.

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