New mobile phone audioguide launched in Amsterdam

Just in time for the Easter weekend, travelers can explore Amsterdam with Rringo
, a new mobile phone audioguide being launched today.
Rringo is the first fixed-price mobile phone audioguide of European cities. For 10 Euro, visitors get the Rringo guide with an access code allowing 48 hours of unlimited use.

Flexible and easy to use, visitors start and stop the Rringo audioguide whenever they want. They create their own routes by picking from over 50 stops on the Rringo guide map featuring everything from Dutch beer, canals and cannabis to the famous Red Light District. Visitors can also get information on the main tourist attractions or try an audio quiz, and they receive 30 Euro of discount vouchers.

Calling Rringo is free for visitors from outside the Netherlands who switch to the Ben mobile network (excluding prepay callers). Other users pay the cost of a normal local call. Visitors can listen to Rringo in English, German, or French.

“It is like having your own personal guide to entertain and inform you. You can discover the hidden corners of Amsterdam at your own pace, and get the inside stories and the essentials on the main attractions without feeling like a typical tourist,” said Rob Perkins, Operations Director and one of the founders of Rringo.

Rringo also has the support of the Netherlands Board of Tourism. “Rringo is a promising new service for getting tourist information directly to visitors in a way that is flexible and entertaining,” said Gerben Baaij, NTB head of product development.