GetThere Helps Corporations Better Manage and Meet Airline, Hotel and Car Rental Supplier Agreements

GetThere(TM), a
Sabre company, has announced it is providing corporations with the ability
to automatically upload airline, hotel and car rental preferences into its
online booking system.
While GetThere has always allowed the entry of
preferred supplier information, the preferences can now all be automatically
uploaded rather than manually entered.  The data can come from a corporation`s
own spreadsheet file, or from leading third-party offerings used by
corporations to create and manage their supplier contracts.
By committing to a certain travel volume, corporations are able to
negotiate lower airfares, hotel rooms and car rentals.  However, this requires
that corporations meet these committed volumes.  GetThere allows corporations
to enter supplier preferences into the online booking interface, so employees
know which suppliers will give them the deepest discounts.  The GetThere
system can dynamically shift the options shown to employees when a corporation
is not meeting its required travel commitment with suppliers.
“Online technology has put a lot of power in the hands of the corporate
traveler, and the good news is that travelers usually make the best choice for
the company when they are properly informed.  The new upload tool makes it
easier for corporations to maintain and update supplier preferences, and make
it part of the booking process.  When a traveler makes a reservation online,
the GetThere online system shows them which supplier they should use to save
the company the most money,” said Mark Orttung, vice president of product
marketing at GetThere.

GetThere`s new automated data upload capability allows supplier
preferences to be imported automatically from spreadsheets or third-party
applications for managing supplier relationships, such as American Express
DealPower and eCLIPSE Advisors` DACODA.

“It`s vital that companies using a combination of online and traditional
booking channels are able to ensure that they maximize their negotiated
supplier deals with DealPower simultaneously in a consistent manner across
both environments,” said John Berkley, vice president of marketing for
American Express Corporate Travel.  “We`re pleased to work with GetThere to
bring this important capability to our mutual customers.”
GetThere`s online corporate travel reservation system is used by more than
800 large corporations, including more than half of the Fortune 200.  It
provides travelers the convenience of online reservations, while significantly
cutting corporate travel costs.  Companies consistently save up to 20 percent
on travel booked online due to better traveler choice, lower travel agency
service fees and more consistent adherence to corporate policies and use of
preferred airlines, hotels and car rental companies.