TechTravelers Releases Managed Travel Suite

has launched its mTravel software suite, a managed travel software suite that will be marketed as being able to recover “previously lost expenses currently plaguing the business travel sector.”
The company describes its new product as an end-to-end travel solution that brings wireless, calendaring and notification to travelers.

After three years in development, TechTravelers is bringing to market an advanced suite of products. “We have exhaustively researched the market and potential competitors and we are confident that our solution far exceeds anything in the market now,” said TechTravelers CEO Thomas Murray

The product features wireless capabilities, direct booking, business policy implementation and expense/accounting integration. mTravel, written in Java EJB and J2EE compliant, offers scalability, portability and open architecture for cross-enterprise integration, the company said.

“The travel industry as a whole has undergone some serious changes, especially post September 11,” Murray said. “We have taken into account the cost disparities business travelers are suffering due to the lack of control, accountability and even the pricing availability of travel. MTravel not only meets these needs, but excels in recovering what were previously thought of as `expected losses` in doing business.”

Murray cited travel industry figures that self-directed booking can save a traveler 10% to 20% per ticket on average, but he says using mTravel will save corporations an additional 90% in productivity losses.


Using XML translations, mTravel integrates to all major heglobal expense management systems (GEMS) on the back-end and works with all major global distribution systems (GDS) for booking on the front-end, Murray said. MTravel is customizable per client, allowing for unique business travel policies to be implemented and enforced.

“Typically, companies or agencies never recoup the cost of their broken legs, which is an industry term for broken itineraries,” Murray said. “Whether you stay for an extra meeting and hop a train, or perhaps forced to alter your itinerary to catch a flight to another city, you have the unused portion of a paid fare. Through TechTravelers` unique TravelBank, companies stand to recover 10% to 15% of their entire Travel and Entertainment (T&E) budget.”

TechTravelers Initially plans to target corporations and government agencies, TechTravelers` mTravel, in hosted / managed or enterprise edition form, can overlay existing technology or be implemented as the backbone managed travel solution. The company says a major benefit TechTravelers` provides is its TravelBank, a proprietary program that will automatically track, bank, apply and/or credit the account of a traveler who uses only one leg of a round trip or has outstanding segments of an altered itinerary. 

Before founding TechTravelers, Murray served as senior vice president of integration, services and support for Sideware Corp. and later became Sideware?fs vice president of technical sales and services. Previously he served as CIO with AOL Select, an America Online partner company, where he oversaw all IS/IT department concerns.

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