AA.com Posts Record One Million Site Visitors on 2 Consecutive Days

American Airlines announced today that its popular Web site, AA.com, has experienced a tremendous increase in traffic during the past few months.
In January, AA.com received more than one million daily visits on two consecutive days, exceeding the site’s previous business day average of over 650,000 visits.

American Airlines attributes AA.com`s record-breaking success to such site enhancements as the new online AAdvantage® award-booking feature and Net SAAver & Special OffersSM, the one-stop travel section offering great deals and more. In addition, more customers are signing up to receive personalized e-mail products, AAirmailSM and AAdvantage eSummary, as well as the general Net SAAver Fares® product.

“Our increasing traffic indicates that travelers find AA.com to be a great place to do business with American Airlines,” said John Samuel, vice president-Customer Technology for American. “We encourage all of our customers to frequently check AA.com for the best fares and the latest airline news, airport updates and security procedures.”