Continental Airlines Implements LinkProof.

Continental Airlines
has implemented Radware`s LinkProof to maximize revenue from online ticket sales and dramatically decrease transaction costs by optimizing the flow of data across their world-wide network.
LinkProof is specifically designed for the unique requirements of enterprise networks that employ multiple ISP links from diverse carriers. It is the most widely sold product on the market that provides a multi-link application switching solution, resulting in increased bandwidth and high Internet availability. In addition to optimizing internal network resources, LinkProof Internet link Application Switch has the unique ability to dynamically learn and remember which paths across the Internet provide the fastest possible route back to end-users, ensuring the fastest possible content delivery to and from clients, and guaranteeing superior service and customer satisfaction.

Building upon the success their existing global IT infrastructure, Continental Airlines made a strategic decision to bring operation and control of its outsourced online booking service in-house in order to decrease cost, increase control, and maximize customer satisfaction. Like many enterprises, access to the Internet via diverse and redundant Internet Service Providers was of paramount importance in order to maintain their required Quality of Service (QoS). LinkProof was specifically incorporated into their multi-homed network in order to guarantee the attainment of QoS targets for availability, speed of response and overall cost reduction. Continental has used several other Radware products, including the Web Server Director Pro (WSD-Pro), which was implemented to maintain a fault-tolerant environment for its server farms and to keep the company`s 15 Web sites fully operational 24x7. The latest addition of LinkProof to the WSD-Pro Application Switches ensures that Continental`s network and web sites are completely optimized at all times and that full command and control can now be maintained internally.