Sabre Receives Three Industry Awards for Best Airline Solutions

Sabre Holdings Corporation
(NYSE: TSG) received three major industry awards for its Airline Solutions
software and consulting services at the Air Transport and Travel Information
Systems (ATTIS) EXPO 2002
, the world`s largest event for IT in air transport
and travel.
was recognized as the industry`s Best Airline Revenue Management
Provider for the Sabre(R) AirMax(TM) automated revenue management system, Best
Flight Scheduling Provider for its flight scheduling products and Innovative
Industry Leading Ideas for work conducted by the Sabre Airline Consulting
According to ATTIS EXPO organizer Keith Magnay, the selection of Sabre as
the Best Airline Revenue Management Provider was based on the reliability of
the AirMax system and customer feed back.  One customer Magnay spoke with
stated, “Sabre has an origin and destination (O&D) product, the AirMax system,
that in one test market, where capacity and prices did not change, achieved a
24 percent increase in O&D revenue, and a 14 percent improvement in unit
revenue, while carrying 5 percent fewer people in that market.”
“One customer we spoke with pointed out how the system helped them deal
with the challenging aftermath of Sept. 11 and the integration of an
additional 1,000 flights through an acquisition,” Magnay added.
The AirMax system, a proactive revenue management tool, uses historical
and current reservations data to forecast booking activity and automatically
sets the optimal number of seats in each booking class.  The system processes
schedules, reservations, passenger name records, and revenue accounting data
when forecasting demand and recommending optimal inventory controls.  The
system`s activities include reservations system data collection, off-line data
collection, forecasting, overbooking, optimization, performance measurement
and reporting.
Regarding the flight-scheduling award, Magnay said, “The Sabre(R) O&D FAM
fleet assignment model is the biggest advance in fleet scheduling solutions in
the past 10 years.  By explicitly incorporating expected O&D passenger flows
in a manner that is consistent with O&D yield management, this product is
better able to match available aircraft capacity with expected demands at an
O&D fare-class level.  This allows airlines to better assess the impact of
fleeting decisions and operational constraints on overall system revenue,
profit and passenger mix.”
The O&D FAM model supports a wide range of analyses, including fleet
planning, schedule structuring, scenario-based seasonal schedule planning,
operational studies, special events planning, short-term tactical re-fleeting,
comparing fleet lease or purchase options, and determining the appropriate
aircraft type to yield maximum profit evaluation.  The model`s mathematical
optimization techniques produce profitable and operationally feasible
solutions that are virtually impossible to generate manually.  Sabre estimates
that airlines using the model for medium- and long-term scheduling can
generate incremental annual revenue of 2 percent to 3 percent and increase
annual profitability between $5 million and $15 million when used for short-
term re-fleeting.
Other products recognized for this award include the Sabre(R) AirFlite(TM)
flight scheduling system and the Sabre(R) Airline Profitability Model.  The
AirFlite system enables airlines to develop flight schedules that meet
customer needs.  Users can increase aircraft utilization, minimize operational
disruptions, and facilitate timely and error-free schedule publication,
resulting in increased revenue and decreased costs.  The Airline Profitability
Model enables airlines to evaluate the profitability of a proposed flight
schedule.  Considered one of the leading airline profitability forecasting
systems in the world, the model allows schedulers to develop profitable
schedules and identify revenue opportunities in competitive markets.
The Sabre Airline Consulting team was recognized for documented work that
focused on the future vision of the airline and airport industries, which
highlighted the challenges airline and airport CEOs will face; a proposed
strategy for helping airlines and airports navigate through these turbulent
times; and contributing to the exposition`s success by generating immense
interest from the airline clients present.
“We are honored to receive three ATTIS awards,” said Tom Klein, president
of Airline Solutions for Sabre.  “The team at Sabre Airline Solutions views
this as a validation that our innovative solutions are meeting the very
demanding needs of the airline IT community at this critical and changing time
in aviation history.”

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