Pass Privilege Delivers Award-Express Software

Customer Loyalty Technology Company, Pass Privilege
, has released their ASP Loyalty Software - Award-Express.

Award-Express is a turn-key, low cost solution designed to promote a company`s customer loyalty initiatives. As a sophisticated web-based software architecture, it can adapt to the loyalty needs of companies small, medium and large.

“Award-Express is the first “ASP Loyalty Solution” created for growing companies wanting to establish a quick and cost effective one-to-one behavior based loyalty program with individual consumers,” said Brian Marvin, President, Pass Privilege. “Many companies cannot afford a high-end enterprise wide marketing application without proving a return on investment,” Mr. Marvin also stated. “While we offer that technology in AwardTrack 4.0, we feel there is a tremendous market being underserved, that cannot justify the costs even with a positive ROI on a large enterprise application. We believe that as marketers treat, test and analyze customers with Award-Express they will migrate to a more advanced application as the proof of having a loyalty program in place becomes reinforced.”

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(29/01/2001) Pass Privilege Marketing Agency for