Sabre Virtually There Announces Increased Security with Web Site Enhancement



Sabre Holdings Corporation
(NYSE: TSG) has announced that it will enhance the data privacy protection
of its Virtually There(TM) Web site by adding an additional layer of traveler
The Web site enhancement is designed to provide increased
security with minimum impact on travel arrangers and their traveling customers
using the site.
“Data privacy protection is a priority for Sabre,” said Eric Speck
, group
president of Travel Marketing and Distribution for Sabre.  “We have developed
significant policies and procedures to ensure information security, and we
conduct ongoing product and service reviews in this regard.  The Sabre
Virtually There site has included data privacy protection procedures since its
inception.  After recent review it was determined that an additional layer of
authentication would further enhance the personal verification process.”
While highly effective in providing additional security, the new
verification process is simple.  Beginning April 26, travelers accessing their
personal Virtually There itinerary from the homepage

will be asked to authenticate their identities by entering an e-mail address.
Travelers who access their itineraries through an e-mail message sent by
their travel agent will not receive a request for additional verification.
Sabre will encrypt the reservation code embedded in the hyperlink of the
e-mail notification originally sent by the agent, then will decrypt the
specific information to authenticate the user when they seek access to their
The site provides an option for the travel arranger to create a “pseudo”
(non-actual) e-mail address to use as the equivalent of a password for the
customer.  Under this arrangement, the travel arranger would share this
password-equivalent e-mail address with the customer for his or her use in
verification.  This solution is designed to allow travel arrangers to
implement the level of data privacy that best suits their business practices
and their clients` needs.
“The e-mail addresses provided by the travel arrangers for this
verification process will be used specifically for data privacy protection,”
continued Speck.  “If the user selects a valid vs. pseudo e-mail code, in
alignment with our data privacy policy, they will not receive any e-mail
promotions unless they specifically request such information (opt-in.)”
The e-mail address verification process was selected because it is the
easiest procedure for travel arrangers and travelers alike.  In a recent poll
conducted by Sabre to determine best practices for data verification, travel
agents indicated that e-mail authorization would be the most convenient and
preferred methodology.

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