Travel Right Cafe offers Internet Access at Los Angeles Airport

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has announced the opening of Travel Right Cafe in Terminal 4 (American Airlines).
The Travel Right Cafe is an upscale cocktail lounge and deli with tableside dataport jacks and electrical outlets that allow travelers to use their laptop computers on- or offline or recharge cellular phones and personal digital assistants at no charge while they eat and drink.

The Travel Right Cafe is managed by HMSHost
of Bethesda, Maryland, in partnership with Bellevue, Washington-based Expedia Inc., operator of the
Internet travel service. The cafe has 48 ports/phone jacks and electrical outlets accommodating up to 68 users. Customers with a toll-free or local “310” area code access number from their ISP, can make the connection for free, although they must pay their ISP customary per-minute fees, if any.


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