Musselman Hotels Discover The Power of iHotelier

, a division of Webvertising, Inc., has signed the Musselman Hotel Corporation (Louisville, KY), as another hotel group that will be using iHotelier as a unified Online Reservations Management System. 
Musselman?fs corporate management will be able to manage & review, individually or as a group, the web performance of its combination of 23 flagged and independent properties.  Furthermore, hotel management will be able to add, remove, and adjust room inventory, availability and price to better maximize their own property?fs booking performance.

Hotel corporations, at times, are comprised of a combination of independents and multiple flags.  This scenario usually puts them in a position where it is difficult to accurately measure the online performance of their properties as a whole.  iHotelier?fs system was intentionally developed to be robust enough to efficiently service multiple properties, while still providing direct control of inventory management at the property level.  It provides equally relevant functionality for the hotels that would only need a simple booking engine or those that need a full Centralized Reservations System (CRS).

“In our search, we clearly saw the power behind the iHotelier system.  It had everything we needed.?h says Melanie Kelley, Musselman?fs Director of Sales and Marketing.  She continues,
“As a company, iHotelier proved to us that they had a solid grasp of what we needed and what our industry needs.  That?fs a good feeling, and we?fre excited to see what else they?fll be delivering.?h

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