Airpath Wireless to Expand Service Offerings

Airpath Wireless, Inc.,
a WiFi solutions provider has announced the expansion of the services offered by the Company. The Company has established three segments of services: Airpath Internet, Airpath Roaming and Airpath Integration.
“Airpath Internet is our full service WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider), offering high-speed broadband Internet connectivity to our customers. While we are continuing to expand our wireless footprint by adding more locations where our customers can access the Airpath network, the addition of our Airpath Roaming
service segment allows us to assist other companies that already own or would like to own Hot Spots by allowing them to participate in our wireless roaming network,” said Todd Myers, President and CEO of Airpath. “We have a complete suite of services that we offer utilizing our network resources and the technical expertise to create a customized client solution for companies that have their own Hot Spots or an end user base and also want to expand their available locations.”

A “Hot Spot” refers to a location that is frequented by the segment of the general public that use laptops or handheld devices and have a need for portable high-speed broadband Internet access. A Hot Spot could be in an airport gate, a hotel or convention center, a truck stop, even a marina—anywhere that people want to be able to have high-speed access to the Internet. For example, in an airport scenario, a laptop-carrying passenger who is waiting for a flight in a gate area could access the Internet using a “Hot Spot” belonging to any member of the Airpath Roaming network.

The third service segment of Airpath Wireless is Airpath Integration. “Wireless technology gives companies the flexibility they`ve been demanding to increase mobility, reduce costs and address the need for rapid deployment. Our team can design a wireless solution for our clients to connect to a corporate LAN or connect multiple locations across the city,” said Tim Barrett, Vice President of Airpath. “Our Airpath Integration service segment allows us to utilize our resources to offer professional integration and management services for the design, implementation and maintenance of wireless networks.”