Hotwire Delivers Unique National Travel Challenge

Hotwire, the premier discount travel site, have announced the launch of its first-ever nationwide advertising campaign. The Hotwire Travel Challenge records real-life reactions people had when they saw how much money they can save by using Hotwire.

Building on the success of test advertising, the campaign features more than a dozen different radio spots in which real people are stopped on the street and asked to take the Hotwire Travel Challenge, searching for airfare or hotel rooms on Hotwire and competitor travel sites.

developed the idea for the Hotwire Travel Challenge after talking to skeptical travelers, confused because nearly every travel seller claims to have the lowest fares. Instead of producing a fancy campaign using actors, Hotwire decided to let real people check prices on Hotwire and other travel sites for themselves and simply recorded the experience. All Hot-FaresSM, Hot-RatesSM and competitor prices named in the ads are actual fares found by real people on the street.

“When people try Hotwire for the first time, they are astounded by our great prices and simple user experience,” said John Hommeyer
, Hotwire chief marketing officer. “We didn`t write these ads - we just asked real people to try Hotwire and a competing travel site side by side. Then we recorded their natural reactions.”

For example, by using Hotwire, consumers can:


Save up to 50% every day on airline tickets with Hotwire Hot-FaresSM.

Save up to 70% on hotel rooms with Hotwire Hot-RatesSM.

Always see the lowest available Hotwire price without bidding or submitting credit card information up front.

Always travel with a major airline, hotel or car rental company.

Hotwire is financially backed by six of the nation`s largest airlines, and partnered with 33 top airlines worldwide.

Hotwire is partnered with more than 6,000 quality hotels and several major car rental companies.

Trade their flexibility for great deals.
By asking customers to be flexible on certain details like exact flight time or hotel, Hotwire can save a significant amount of money off published prices.

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