SolarNet Delivers Next Generation Internet Protocol

SolarNet (SCS Solars Computing Systems Inc.;
(CDNX: SCS and OT.US: SCSIF), a leading provider of business-to-business
information management and electronic distribution solutions for the travel
industry, has announced the completion of its new proprietary Internet
Protocol / Multi-GDS Reservations Interface.

Developed by SolarNet`s TourTek Division to handle all of its Internet
online reservations, the new interface allows any company with, or
developing, an online travel environment to interface any web or IP based
technology to SolarNet and drive commands and transactions through the
travel agency connections of any GDS. As it is a GDS autonomous system, the
major benefit is that there is no requirement to re-engineer user
applications should an organization wish to change their GDS provider at a
later time. The system can be run in either a bridged service or in a direct
connect onsite environment.

SolarNet (SCS Solars Computing Systems Inc.) is a leading provider of
flexible and affordable information technology solutions for the travel
industry.  SolarNet`s core competency is the electronic distribution of
applications and information throughout the travel industry supply chain via
its proprietary network, SolarNet.  SolarNet can take content from any
source and distribute it via a powerful combination of the Internet and the
established travel industry GDS networks that are used by 95% of the world`s
travel agents. 
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