Siemens launches TravelAngel mobile application

Siemens Mobile Travel Solutions is launching TravelAngel, a mobile travel application for Siemens employees in Germany.
The company has begun a project with partner ICM in Germany to introduce TravelAngel, a mobile application to support business travellers during their trips.

After the pilot phase which lasts until March, ICM plans to offer this service to approximately 3000 employees.

According to Siemens, TravelAngel has the following features:

Mobile Flight Re-Booking. Flights can easily be re-booked according to corporate travel rules by using a mobile phone.

Mobile Hotel Booking. With a few clicks a user can book a hotel in a specific city which is according to Siemens rate. 


Mobile Flight Schedule Access. Access to international flight schedules for trip planning and pre-selection of flights.

Mobile Weather Information. Weather information & weather forecast linked to the destination, but also free selectable by the user.

SMS Push Notification. TravelAngel knows the planned trip of a person and sends out information pro-actively to the traveler via SMS.

Siemens Mobile Travel Solutions, a joint venture between SBS and ICM, was founded in October 2000 by Siemens Information and Communication Mobile, and Siemens Business Services. As a major global provider of pre-configured travel platforms and applications, the company has announced plans to “address the full potential of mobile business in this promising field.”

Siemens Mobile Travel Solutions targets first-class travel service providers, ISP`s and mobile operators, by enabling them to supply mobile travel planning and booking services as well as location-dependant and personalized information.

Siemens says its applications place special emphasis on solutions that meet traveler`s individual needs at any point of their journey. With the marketing tag line “We link travel with mobile technology,” the Siemens unit says it will help other companies build loyal relationships and offer services for which mobile professionals will be willing to pay. In the leisure travel segment,  applications will reward first movers with additional sales channels, increased stickyness and brand awareness, according to company announcements.

Mobile travel management involves the delivery to mobile professionals of value-added mobile travel services—such as travel planning and booking, location dependant services and personalized services—via mobile networks and mobile consumer devices, including phones, PDAs and notebook computers. Siemens Mobile Travel Solutions plans to enable network carriers, airlines and enterprises to provide mobile travel management services to their customers through its mobile travel portal.

Siemens Mobile Travel Solutions has said the verticalization in the travel sector will be achieved by adding a suite of standard travel related components as well as vertical applications and interfaces developed by the Siemens unit. The company said it will focus its efforts on key players in the travel and telecommunications environment.