Siemens presents wireless start-ups at 3GSM

Two systems of mobile travel reservations are among start-ups presented this week by Siemens Mobile Acceleration at the 3GSM World Congress.
Eight months ago Siemens Mobile Acceleration started its operations with the announced goal of fostering start-up companies that focus on wireless technologies, platforms, and applications for GSM/GPRS, and UMTS mobile telephony.

Siemens Mobile Travel Solutions, a company of Siemens Mobile Acceleration, presented two wireless platform solutions: the Travel Angel and Click2Go. Other start-ups presented at 3GSM were scaraboo, a real-time mobile betting system, and PhonePages, which offers the equivalent of a home page for mobile phones.

By subscribing to the Siemens Travel Angel platform, a traveler gets all trip related data from various sources anytime and at any location onto his mobile device by location aware push services as well as situation specific pull services. Travel Angel assures that business travelers apply all corporate travel rules and regulations while they are on the trip.

Click2Go is a mobile commerce and promotion platform for travel and entertainment related offerings with an integrated gaming tool. Click2Go can for example be used as a mobile shop where airlines and tour operators offer their products. For shopping Click2Go has an online interface with a call center where credit cards details and addresses can be collected when users have not previously registered.

With the marketing tag line of “We link travel with mobile technology,” Siemens Mobile Travel Solutions targets first-class travel service providers, ISP`s and mobile operators, by enabling them to supply mobile travel planning and booking services as well as location-dependant and personalized information. The Siemens applications place special emphasis on solutions that meet travellers`s individual needs at any point of their journey.