SMS Breakthrough for the Travel Industry.

Mobile communications provider Portalscape is launching TXTbox, its communications gateway and a tool enabling mass SMS text messaging, on Monday 8th April.

Handling over one million messages a day, TXTbox provides customer acquisition solutions inherent to marketing campaigns, CRM, entertainment, commerce and content delivery. It enables companies to reach their target audience anytime and anywhere, while at the same time allowing consumers to personalise the services they would like to receive, such as real-time flight information and airport special offers. Portalscape can provide solutions to enable the travel company to create highly targeted marketing campaigns, as well as empower the target customer to feedback pertinent information on their travel preferences.

With the TXTbox companies can instantly advertise, promote, contact and interact with their target market. Portalscape CEO, David Wainwright said: “Around sixty percent of the population now use mobile phones and approximately a billion text messages are sent in the UK each month. SMS has become the perfect marketing medium - it`s instant, trusted and personal.”

The popularity of text messaging ensures success and TXTbox offers marketeers and CRM managers a means of communicating to their target audience with a medium that is direct and effective. Companies can choose to acquire outright their own TXTbox Server or Portalscape will host TXTbox on an ASP (Application Service Provider) model.

Portalscape is a company focused on delivering SMS solutions for a number of diverse industries. Products include TXTbox (high volume text messaging infrastructure) and SMScc (Desktop based campaign manager).