Newtrade Technologies Implement XML Interface

Newtrade Technologies has now developed and implemented XML interfaces that conform to the OpenTravel Alliance (OTA) specifications.
As an active OTA member, Newtrade contributed to the refinement of the OTA hotel message specifications, a standard set of XML messages, which facilitates data communication between hotels and all hospitality partners.
Newtrade develops interfaces based on the OTA specifications that enable the efficient and effective exchange of travel industry information. “Newtrade has been working closely with us to create interfaces based on the OTA specifications,” said OTA President Mike Kistner, Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Best Western International. “We greatly appreciate the efforts that they have made to promote the interoperability within the travel industry”.

Newtrade`s middleware technology provides integration, automation, end-to-end connectivity and channel management solutions for the hospitality industry. It links Property Management Systems and hotel CRS’ with various distribution channels, including GDS’, online travel agencies, Web portals, switches, and tour operator systems.

OTA is comprised of representatives from the airlines, car rental firms, hotels, leisure suppliers, service providers, tour operators, travel agencies, and trade associations. OTA working groups, together with an OTA interoperability committee to coordinate their efforts, develop open Internet-compatible messages using XML.