Sabre Introduces Total Pricing for Car Hire

Sabre has introduced a car hire product called Total Pricing for Sabre Cars, which will allow travel agents to quote the total price of any car hire, including all mandatory elements such as local taxes, fees, surcharges and drop-off charges. 

The product makes Sabre
the first global distribution system (GDS) able to provide travel agents with the total price of car hire across weekend, weekday, weekly, and other rate categories. Until now, GDS car hire pricing information was limited to the basic daily or weekly rate, exclusive of additional mandatory charges.

There is no change to the car hire booking process for Sabre Connected agents.  The system will simply provide the total price of hire, inclusive of all mandatory charges over and above the standard daily or weekly rate.  The agent will see an ordered list of availability, based on price, and the system will provide a breakdown of applicable mandatory charges.  It will also store the quoted hire price in the passenger name record (PNR) and include it in the passenger`s itinerary.
Total pricing applies only to those car hire companies that participate in the product.  To date, only Hertz is participating in Europe but discussions are underway with other car hire companies to expand their participation beyond North America into Europe. 

“It is always our goal to make the travel experience faster and easier for all involved,” said David Brown, Sabre`s vice president for the UK, Ireland and the Nordic region.

“With the proliferation of local taxes, airport surcharges, insurance surcharges and other fees, calculating the true price of a car rental has become a confusing process for many of our travel agency customers. Total Pricing for Sabre Cars is not only a great productivity tool for travel professionals ?Eit also alleviates a point of frustration for the travelling public.”



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