Maporama Markets First i-Mode Location-Centric Applications Outside Japan

Maporama, the leading provider of online location-centric applications, today announced the launch of Maporama?fs I-mode platform, the first market-ready professional location-centric product offered by a non-Japanese provider. Thanks to this new platform compatibility, any Maporama customer can now easily integrate full-blown I-mode based location-centric solutions into their Internet services.

Maporama?fs I-mode platform offers many unique features, bringing new quality and user experience to mobile location-centric applications. Colour maps, full-blown itineraries, user accounts, stored preferences, and multi-lingual capabilities make Maporama?fs I-mode products the most advanced mobile location-centric solutions on the market.


Maps obtained via an I-mode-enabled device are displayed in colour, thereby offering a much better legibility than classical WAP phones. Routing functionalities of Maporama?fs I-mode platform support displaying colour maps of the entire trajectory, detailed turn-by-turn directions, and detailed street-level maps of the destination as well as of the departure addresses.



Maporama?fs I-mode platform exploits the same technology as all Maporama?fs products, more precisely XML/XSL and ASP. Thanks to the extreme flexibility of Maporama?fs architecture, Maporama?fs I-mode platform is compatible with virtually any I-mode device on the market.


Companies that provide services to their clients enhanced with Maporama?fs I-mode platform can also offer unique features, such as personal accounts with their custom preferences and settings that can even be shared between the Web and I-mode. Using this functionality, users can save their favourite maps on Maporama?fs servers and then access them interchangeably from the Web and their favourite I-mode device.


?gIn 2002, 2.5G and connected technologies will be a boosting market in Europe. Location-centric solutions are at the strategic core of all 2.5G actors and can be found in a number of applications ranging from localisation services and geomarketing to customer service applications.?h says Laurent Vermot-Gauchy, Maporama?fs CEO. ?gMaporama is proud to announce the availability of the first non-Japanese I-mode location-centric solution that can be implemented in these applications as easily as on any other platform.?h


Maporama has already contracted new clients that will utilise Maporama?fs I-mode platform whose names are to be announced in the near future.


Maporama?fs I-mode platform is available immediately in English and German. Other languages are currently being implemented.


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