Orbitz Response to DOT`s Online Study

In response to the U.S. Department of Transportation informal study of the online travel industry, Jeff Katz
, Orbitz president and CEO issued the following statement:

Orbitz was created to offer consumers the widest array of choices at the best possible prices. Orbitz has, in nine short months, energized competition in online travel and compelled other players to improve their offerings. We have all benefited through increased consumer acceptance. Since our launch, the quality and quantity of information available to consumers about airline schedules and fares has greatly improved. In fact, web-only fares have become available to multiple players in our industry. And airlines and other travel suppliers have benefited from significant distribution cost savings at a most critical time for them.

Orbitz early success confirms that consumers applaud our approach to offering unbiased, comprehensive flight and fare information and innovative search technology.

Orbitz welcomes the DOT`s comprehensive study of the online travel marketplace. The DOT review is nothing new; in fact in a previous regulatory reviews Orbitz was cleared of any competitive issues. We welcome continued competition in the online agency marketplace and are confident that this study will reaffirm our pro-competition, pro-consumer position.

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