iHotelier Donates ePostcard to HEDNA

iHotelier, a division of Webvertising, Inc., recently donated the use of its ePostcard module to the HEDNA web site for the promotion of its 2002 Global Meeting
, which will take place this May 13-17 in London, United Kingdom.
This dynamic module will exponentially help in the promotion of the meeting by encouraging registered visitors to proactively invite those that they?fd like to see at the event.  It can be found by visiting the HEDNA web site at www.HEDNA.org and clicking on the ?gGlobal Meeting?h banner.  From there visitors just need to click on the ?gSend an ePostcard!?h icon.

iHotelier`s ePostcard was originally developed as a dynamic marketing tool to be used on Hotel web sites to showcase both the property and destination, as well as, encouraging potential guests to come and visit the hotel site.  At the same time, it builds a promotional database for the hotel, that when used properly, delivers a valuable guest/potential-guest awareness for the hotel property.