Cyberes Launches Remote Ticketing Service

Cyberes plc (“Cyberes” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that after successful testing the Company has launched a remote ticketing system. Five contracts have already been signed with independent travel agents (“ITA?fs”) to provide this new technical ticketing service.

This new system was developed in response to the ruling from the International Air Transport Association (“IATA”) that all ITAs have to produce printed tickets electronically. Cyberes has developed a unique, inexpensive IATA-compliant solution that, enables ITA?fs to print their own tickets rather than handwriting coupons, for both negotiated and IATA fares booked through the Cyberes booking system.

As ITA?fs now have the ability to produce tickets electronically, Cyberes?f new system offers them a cost saving alternative to using either a Global Distribution System (“GDS”) solution or a third party ticketing agent.

Cyberes charges a fee per month for the service, which is refunded if the agent produces the required level of contracted turnover. All five customers who have signed to date have signed three-year contracts committing them to using the Cyberes ticketing solution and have agreed to a contracted level of ticket revenue. The tickets will be delivered to their desk-tops, via a ticket printer on a real time basis from the Cyberes booking system.

Tariq Malik, CEO of Cyberes, said:


“This service significantly improves content and service to our customers and offers them time and cost savings. As well as being an important revenue stream in its own right, it will also stimulate business through the Cyberes system and enhance ticketing revenue.

“This is an important and timely development, given that the current focus for Cyberes is to increase sales penetration in its current customer base and attract new, high volume ITAs to our system.”