More Consolidators Available Through SolarNet.

Fare inventories of eight consolidators are now live and ready to book on SolarNet`s Real-Time Booking Engine.
“SolarNet bookings in March have already surpassed the total number of bookings done through SolarNet in February,” stated Andrew O`Leary, President and CEO, of SolarNet. “We expect more travel agents will now look to SolarNet`s inventory of consolidator net fares as a source of revenue in the wake of the recent airline announcement to stop paying commission on all tickets issued by travel agents in the United States and Canada for domestic and international travel.”

SolarNet`s database of consolidator airfares includes millions of domestic and international fare choices. Approximately 450,000 travel agents worldwide have free desktop access to SolarNet`s inventory of participating air consolidator fares through various GDS?f.

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