Sabre Increases Offer for Travelocity Shares

Sabre Holdings Corp. increased its offering price for Travelocity`s publicly held shares from $23 to $28 per share, and that prompted Travelocity`s board to recommend that shareholders accept the offer.

The new offer, with a total value of $420 million, represents a 21.7% hike over the earlier $23-per-share proposal, which a Travelocity special committee of independent, outside directors had rejected as inadequate.

The special committee found the new offer to be “adequate.” Sabre already controls 70% of Travelocity
, and its current offer is contingent on its obtaining a total of at least 90% of the stock.

also said it would settle all pending shareholder litigation that had been filed to prevent Travelocity from accepting the initial offer.


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