Iberia Selects Broadvision e-Travel For Self-Service Travel Tool Solution

Iberia has announced that it is using BroadVision
e-Travel (formerly known as BroadVision Amadeus Travel Commerce(tm)) to
build and power the next-generation of its online presence worldwide.

BroadVision e-Travel was jointly developed through a competency centre
established in June 2000 by Amadeus
, a leading global travel reservations
and technology solutions provider and BroadVision Inc., the leading provider
of enterprise self-service applications.

During the current economic conditions, e-commerce represents a significant
growth opportunity for airlines and a strategic way for them to save costs.
A self-service application, BroadVision e-Travel allows airlines such as
Iberia to reduce development costs, accelerate the overall time-to-market,
and enhance their differentiation in the online marketplace.

Following its successful market penetration with Amadeus` e-Travel Planitgo
(formerly 1a-Res) Web-based booking engine, Iberia was looking for an
integrated, scalable and dynamic platform to manage content, special offers,
and personalised e-marketing programs.  With BroadVision e-Travel, Iberia is
now able to dynamically analyse and respond to the browsing and purchasing
patterns of its customers. Iberia site managers are able to match in
real-time the right offers to the right customer profiles, by accessing
thousands of special offers via BroadVision`s advanced personalisation

The strategy developed by Iberia in electronic commerce has placed it
amongst the leading European companies in online sales and services. The
real beneficiaries though are Iberia`s customers, who are able to access a
quality online service to make flight reservations at highly competitive


The changes currently experienced in the industry, however, oblige the
carrier to undertake further reforms. The use of BroadVision e-Travel for
the management of advanced technologies (Iberia.com, Customer Relationship
Management, Iberia.Plus) and integration with traditional tools (call
centre, airport, on-board and post sales services), allows Iberia to develop
a new direct relationship with its customers, something that will
increasingly define successful Web retailers.

BroadVision e-Travel is the first solution of its kind to quickly and
cost-efficiently deploy next-generation corporate and leisure Internet
travel solutions. A Customer Relationship Management-enabled foundation
application, it provides travel suppliers with the environment to build
online solutions, which offer each customer a personalised, online travel
booking experience, based on each individual`s travel history and profile.
This results in unprecedented conversion and retention rates and new
profitability levels.

“Our goal is to provide a unique, personalised experience for every customer
and we found that BroadVision e-Travel was the best solution to quickly and
cost-effectively achieve our growth objectives and sustain our
differentiation,” said Felix Garcia Viejobueno, Senior Vice President of
Customer Relationship Management for Iberia. “At the same time, we are
confident that our investment in BroadVision e-Travel will allow us to
easily scale with increased demand, deploy to new countries, and eventually
increase our market share by providing a variety of leisure travel

Mark Lewsey , Amadeus` UK Director of Marketing, said. “As the online travel
sector expands, e-Travel will provide business solutions for our customers
that meet their e-commerce objectives by providing innovative technology and
efficient implementation services through secure and reliable hosted
applications. “

“Amadeus are well respected within the travel industry for being at the
forefront of technological change and we are excited to be working with
Iberia as they continue to build and develop their online presence.”

Jerome Destors, Director, Travel Suppliers, Agencies and Portals for
e-Travel added, “We are delighted to have Iberia select our joint
technology. This certainly validates our strategy to develop comprehensive
solutions with sound and cost-effective migration paths for leading

“We are excited that Iberia is working with BroadVision e-Travel as the
basis for its worldwide e-business strategy,” added Chris Grejtak, Chief
Marketing Officer for BroadVision.  “Iberia has taken on two powerful
goals—to reduce costs, and to enhance their relationships with their
customers.  We look forward to helping them meet these goals and increase
their success.”

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