Ramesys Forms Strategic Partnership with HOLDCOM(TM)

Ramesys Hospitality Inc, a leading provider of hospitality technology solutions, announced that it has recently joined in a strategic partnership with HOLDCOM, a leader in the message on hold industry, in order to provide the highest quality message-on-hold and related audio services to the hospitality industry.

Ramesys will market HOLDCOM`S services to the hospitality industry U.S.-wide in order to expand the telecommunications solutions it currently offers. HOLDCOM provides digital systems and custom audio programs that use the music-on-hold feature to speak to callers “one on one” while they are on hold.
Combining professionally narrated messages with pleasant background music, these programs provide sound communication to your caller to promote and cross sell products and services, answer common questions, provide customer service information, reinforce marketing strategies and reduce call abandonment. All HOLDCOM plans include script consultation and development, licensed music, professional voice-over and studio mixing and mastering.



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