Marriott Pilots New Printing Service for Guests


A new service that makes
printing documents easier for hotel guests is being offered as part of a pilot
program at 20 Marriott hotels, including the New York Marriott Marquis. 
The service, called PrintMe Networks(TM), allows guests to print from a guest room
to a hotel printer via their personal PCs.  The service also enables guests
with confidential print jobs to create a document ID number that allows only
the guest to retrieve the printout.  STSN, Marriott`s primary high-speed
internet access provider, partnered with Electronics for Imaging to bring
EFI`s PrintMe technology to Marriott hotels with high-speed internet access.
“In the hospitality business, it`s important to adopt new and innovative
services that will offer convenience to our business travelers.  Our guests
need to conduct business while traveling, and by offering excellent printing
capabilities, we will help our guests maintain their productivity,” said Lou
Paladeau, vice president of technology business development, Marriott
With more than 370 Marriott hotels and 105,000 guest rooms equipped with
high-speed internet access, hotel guests have an increased need for fast easy
ways to print documents.  Marriott leads the lodging industry in offering its
hotel guests high-speed internet access.  During 2001, more than 800,000
Marriott guests used high-speed access, and the most popular days to log on
were Monday through Wednesday.  During 2002 Marriott intends to install 75
more hotels and 20,000 guest rooms with high-speed access; long-term plans
call for installation in all Marriott hotels.
Vaughan Merlyn, a vice president at The Concours Group
, a management
consulting firm, said, “Our employees virtually live in hotels most of every
week.  Having reliable high-speed access is critical to our consultants`
productivity and has become the key deciding factor when our consultants
select hotels.”
The latest research indicates a rise in travelers accessing the Internet.
As a result, high-speed internet access usage at Marriott hotels
is also
increasing, especially at hotels in New York, San Francisco, Dallas and
Atlanta.  In New York, Marriott has seven hotels and more than 4,000 guest
rooms installed with high-speed access.  In San Francisco, 14 hotels and 5,400
guest rooms; in Dallas, 16 hotels and 2,900 guest rooms; and in Atlanta, 27
hotels and 8,000 guest rooms.
One Marriott hotel with high usage of high-speed internet access is the
San Francisco Marriott.  During a recent MacWorld conference, the hotel
recorded its highest usage rates ever.  “Since we are close to Silicon Valley
and located in the heart of San Francisco, we have a large tech-savvy
clientele that has quickly adopted high-speed access,” said Clifton Clarke,
hotel manager at the San Francisco Marriott.

Marriott offers internet access up to 50 times faster than conventional
dial up methods via its high-speed provider STSN.  With high-speed access,
guests can access the Internet and use the phone at the same time.  The system
works with any internet-compatible laptop or PC and does not require any
special accessories.  For 24-hour internet access, there is a $9.95 charge.
Marriott guests are also offered a 24-hour, toll-free help line to answer
questions and provide assistance.
As an additional benefit, guests using STSN high-speed access have
complimentary access to a web portal, which provides travelers with
information about the hotel, local attractions, restaurants and
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