Travelocity Unveils Dynamic Travel Messaging Tools (Nasdaq: TVLY), the most popular travel site on the Web,have announced the launch of My Messaging, a suite of industry-leading travel notification tools that allow members to take control of when and where they receive important trip updates.
Now more than ever, the most important item to take with you when you travel is up-to-the-minute information. Flight delays, schedule changes and breaking news have a way of impacting even the best-planned trip.

Available for free with any booking, the feature enables travelers, and people they designate, to receive instant information on virtually any communication device, from phones to wireless e-mail. Users are able to select the type of messages they would like to receive; contact points, such as a spouse`s mobile phone or assistant`s email; and delivery options that allow messages to be sent to multiple locations. My Messaging is the online travel industry`s first comprehensive message system that puts the user in control of where and when they receive travel updates., a leader in online customer service, adds My Messaging to an industry-leading customer care support force which includes more than 1,000 customer service representatives and a specialized staff that makes more than 4,000 outbound contacts daily. My Messaging is powered by Centerpost Corporation, a leading provider of automated communications solutions.

“ led the way in customer notification with our flight paging service in 1997 and we have been making notification calls for years,” said Russ Smith
, senior vice president of operations-customer service of “The addition of My Messaging makes us the clear category leader in online travel by providing more options and interactive opportunities than anyone else in the industry. This is the first product that redefines the concept of notification and puts control in the hands of the customer. It is just another example of the way that uses innovative technology to make traveling better.”

Travelers who enroll in My Messaging can choose to be notified via any or all of the following devices: phone, cell phone, fax, cell phone text messaging, pager, standard e-mail and wireless e-mail. My Messaging also allows travelers to notify others who may need to be informed of their travel status or plans. Travelers sign up for the service on before booking a trip, and once enrolled, can change notification options any time. 


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