A new great initiative by Alitalia for Italians who like travelling and “surfing” in Internet. From 6 to 27 March, Alitalia is going to sell tickets for 14 Italian and European destinations through its online auctioneer partner QXL, whose Italian site is

An innovative online auction system will be used to offer a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 35 seats per flight on planes from Rome and/or Milan to the Italian cities of Cagliari, Catania, Palermo, Turin and Venice and the European cities of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bilbao, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Munich and Paris.

The tickets will go on sale 10 days before the departure date. The auction for each single flight will last two days and the starting price will be very attractive. To be valid and effective, the offer has to be supplied with personal information of the bidder (first name, family name, address, phone and credit card numbers). The tickets will go to the highest bidder. The winners will be informed directly by Alitalia.

The only condition to be complied with is that you have to stay three days in the city of destination.

Thanks to the competitiveness of prices and to the spirit of the contest deriving from the initiative, Alitalia aims at gaining new customers and at increasing sales in the off-season. Alitalia’s partner KLM also agrees with this approach and will be launching it at the same time for its Dutch customers.

ADVERTISEMENT is the main European site operating online auctions. QXL runs auctions to sell, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, articles offered directly by QXL or by companies in partnership with QXL. A leader in Europe for E-commerce, in United Kingdom QXL has reached record sales up to 70% of items offered on-line.