Sabre Completes Consulting Services Agreement With TAM

Sabre Holdings Corporation (NYSE: TSG) announced that its consulting services group has completed a comprehensive evaluation of Brazil-based TAM Linhas Aereas Airlines` business processes.

The deal, valued at more than a million dollars, allowed the consulting group to provide progressive solutions that will allow the airline to improve it`s strategic, tactical and commercial business practices. By applying industry best practices in TAM`s designated commercial areas, Sabre has helped the airline to increase its year-over-year revenue by 7 percent an increased revenues associated with capacity and traffic growth at double-digit levels.

“Working with Sabre has allowed us to design business practices that have and will continue to enhance our customer service, while increasing our opportunities to generate revenue,” said Ubiratan Da Motta, director Commercial Logistics for TAM. “We are satisfied with Sabre`s long history and deep knowledge of the airline industry and we are confident that their strategic input will be of important value to us.”

“Our consultant team evaluated TAM`s commercial operations and provided an end-to-end approach designed to assist their current situation and recent changes in the industry,” said Gianni Marostica, senior vice president of consulting services for Sabre. “The result of our work will be an airline that is clearly armed with the tools and understanding needed to operate and remain profitable in today`s tough economic market.”

Sabre consulting services was established to provide client-focused state- of-the-art consulting expertise to the airline and airport industries. Sabre offers a full range of consulting services specifically designed to solve the problems of airlines and airports, regardless of size. Currently, Sabre offers these services to more than 140 clients worldwide.