Rosenbluth Selects Getthere to Provide Online Reservation System to Smaller Clients

GetThere, a Sabre company, and Rosenbluth International have announced an agreement to provide GetThere`s online corporate reservation system as a preferred offering for Rosenbluth`s small and medium-sized clients.

This new, cost-saving offering allows travelers to make reservations online while still adhering to the policies set forth within their company`s corporate managed travel program.

“Corporations of all sizes are trying to get the most for their travel dollars, and online technology is proving to be one of the best tools for reducing corporate travel costs. As a leading provider, GetThere has been helping many of the world`s largest companies recognize substantial savings, and Rosenbluth International is now making that technology available in a cost-effective way to our small and medium-sized clients,” commented Kimberly Harrington-Martinez, senior vice president, Global Marketing, Rosenbluth International.

Using the GetThere DirectMidMarket system, Rosenbluth is creating and maintaining separate booking sites for its individual corporate customers, connecting them with any global distribution system. The corporations` employees gain access to a convenient booking site that is private and customized to their company, including company-specific policies, discounted corporate rates, and a custom look and feel including the company`s logo. The company`s travel manager and their partner at Rosenbluth have access to real-time data that helps them manage travel costs most effectively. The site also seamlessly integrates with other Rosenbluth corporate travel management services.

“Every company has a unique approach to travel management, but they all have one thing in common—they want to minimize their costs, while maintaining high-quality service. GetThere`s online technology is flexible to the needs of corporations of virtually all types and sizes, and provides them the convenience of online booking in addition to significant cost savings,” said Tony D`Astolfo, vice president of sales at GetThere.


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