CBN Announces Participation in Heathrow?fs Project Pilot

Canadian Bank Note Company, CBN, has announced its participation in the automated passenger authentication project at London`s Heathrow Airport.

The pilot, which commenced in January, is designed to expedite pre-enrolled passengers arriving from the United States through the United Kingdom`s passport control, using iris pattern identification.

CBN supplied its advanced Falcon Travel Document reader to the pilot, which will screen and register applicants during the enrollment stage. The Falcon is used to capture details from the machine-readable zone of the applicant`s passports. This information is then matched against the database and any matching record is retrieved. Once approved by UK immigration, the applicant`s iris pattern will be captured and recorded for future comparison at Heathrow`s Terminal 3 and 4. Upon arrival in the UK, participants will pass through EyeTicket`s Jetstream kiosk by simply looking into a special camera, where their iris pattern is matched against the original record. Participants are securely identified, thus allowing control authorities to allocate more time to the unknown traveller.
The project is in partnership with EyeTicket Corporation, International Air Transport Association`s (IATA) Simplifying Passenger Interest Group (SPTIG), BAA plc, British Airways, HM Customs and Excise, United Kingdom Immigration Service, and Virgin Atlantic Airways.

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