New Suite of IT Solutions To Address Security Challenges

EDS, PwC Consulting, Sun Microsystems and Oracle New Security Solutions.
EDS, PwC Consulting, Sun Microsystems and Oracle have launched a suite of integrated IT solutions to address the U.S. government`s transportation security challenges.
The National Integrated Security Suite combines biometric and risk assessment technologies ready for implementation separately, or assembled into a single end-to-end solution. Drawing on the collective government and private sector aviation experience, and technology innovation and integration capabilities of these four established organizations, the suite builds on a fully functional biometric airport security system developed by EDS and deployed at Israel`s Ben Gurion Airport since 1998. To date, the system has processed approximately 1.5 million passengers. Specifically, Known Traveler and Secure Employee are the first transportation security offerings developed through the collaboration between EDS, PwC Consulting, Sun and Oracle.

Known Traveler is a voluntary passenger registration program that enables government security agencies to establish identity and assess the security risk for registered travelers, thereby facilitating their movement into and through security checkpoint areas.

In the Known Traveler program, passengers register either on the Web or at an airport kiosk by filling out a brief questionnaire and agreeing to a background check. Once registered, the passenger is directed to an airline affinity club to receive a “smart” travel identification card. After providing proof of identity, biometric information in the form of electronic fingerprint and iris scan data are encrypted on the card. The smart card is then used to authenticate the passenger and provide a risk assessment at a secure Known Traveler checkpoint for registered members.

Secure Employee is an employee registration and authentication program designed to work with existing employee information to identify and assess security risk. Specifically, Secure Employee uses a “ten-print” scanner to obtain fingerprints required for pre-employment background investigations of airport employees and contractors, authenticating identity and establishing a risk assessment. The employee`s biometric data is used to manage access to secured areas and computer systems.

EDS has been deploying biometric technology for public and private sector clients for the last decade. PwC Consulting currently works with some of the world`s largest airlines, and has modeled security screening checkpoint systems, re-engineered passenger throughput flows and implemented transportation customer service functionality for public and private sector clients. Sun Microsystems has 20 years experience in delivering open network systems and technologies, including the Solaris Operating Environment, UltraSPARC, Java Card, and Java technologies which help all levels of government worldwide and industry to utilize interconnected networks to meet homeland security needs. Oracle, with its decades of experience providing secure, reliable, scalable software solutions to the public sector, will supply Oracle Database technology and components of the Oracle E-Business Suite of applications.