i:FAO presents KPMG Business Travel Management Research

i:FAO, developer of cytric and powertrip,
the market leading business travel eProcurement software, presents a new
research about “Contract Control in Business Travel Management” on March 7,
2002 for the first time.  This research about benefits and potentials of the
implementation of an eProcurement solution for business travel was
commissioned by i:FAO and prepared by KPMG Consulting and CTC Corporate Travel
In times of economical difficulty, professional travel management attains
an ever increasing strategic importance.  The active control of vendor
contracts is a guarantee for efficient cost containment.
The results of this study prove that in all corporations the
implementation of an eProcurement system in purchasing and management of
business travel allows to realize the same high optimization potential as
observed for other C-parts.  Most significant benefits for companies are:
1.)  Information and control for procurement and ordering stays within the

  2.)  Use of control significantly reduces direct and indirect travel

  3.)  Direct control affords an improved position in negotiations and

The study, which is immediately available, does not only rely on numbers,
but for the first time, also analyzes structures and qualitative prerequisites
for a successful business travel management.



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