GetThere Announces New Travel Intelligence

iJet Intelligence for GetThere Corporate Customers.
Sabreå?fs GetThere has announced the first comprehensive information service integrated into an online corporate travel reservation system.

Called GetThere Travel Intelligence, the service helps corporate travelers prepare for, manage and avoid situations that can impact their security, safety, health or productivity. In addition, the service provides corporate travel and security managers with in-depth data, and a system that allows them to monitor situations around the world and locate and contact employees traveling in affected regions.

Integrated into the GetThere DirectCorporate and GetThere DirectMidMarket online travel reservation products, GetThere Travel Intelligence offers a seamless, cost-effective means of advising travelers as they review travel options and make their reservations. Real-time intelligence is provided by iJET Travel Intelligence, the world`s largest intelligence agency dedicated solely to travel.

iJET analysts monitor more than 5,000 data sources in 17 different languages, validate all information and distill it into a concise, easy-to-read format. Travel Intelligence categories include Security, Transportation, Health, Entry/Exit Requirements, Financial, Legal, Communications, Environment, Culture and Language.



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