Survey Ranks Top Destinations

While spring break television programs depicting beach parties have become the icon of the American spring break experience, a recent poll from (Nasdaq: TVLY) demonstrates what`s actually happening in the real world for college students, as well as families.

In a February 2002 poll, more than 4,500 members responded to various questions regarding spring break vacations. Focusing on college students and families who are planning a spring break vacation, uncovered some interesting findings:

* Year-over-year comparison of 2002 to 2001 travel plans indicated the largest increase—by one third—in spring break travel is to Europe. While one out of every five survey participants is planning a trip to Europe, 36 percent of all surveyed selected Australia as their ideal vacation destination.

* 82 percent of those polled did not alter travel plans based on the events of Sept. 11 or changes in the economy.

* Affordability is the primary consideration for the largest group—41 percent—of student travelers.


* A family-friendly environment is the greatest consideration for the largest group - 45 percent—of family vacationers.

* 20 percent of all survey participants believe new and different experiences are most important; 16 percent believe interesting sights and activities are most important.

* The top three destinations for both students and families are Florida, going home to other U.S. cities and Europe.

“While it`s not a surprise to know that people are looking for the best deal, what did catch our attention is the fact more travelers are going to Europe this year,” said Terrell B. Jones
, president and chief executive officer of “Our conclusion, particularly with students, is that people went looking for the best deals and found great values in a European vacation. We also believe that while some of the stereotypical spring break activities may hold true, more non-traditional destinations are increasing in popularity for both college students and families.”

Travelocity also examined the correlations between respondents` college majors and spring break preferences and found the following:

* Fine Arts majors prefer sightseeing or attending concerts.

* Business majors enjoy hanging out at the beach and enjoying other warm weather outdoor activities.

* Liberal Arts majors would rather be partying with friends or sightseeing.

* Applied Sciences majors are most likely to be found hanging out at home.

* Natural Sciences majors want to party with friends and get involved in all sorts of outdoor activities, regardless of the weather.

* Education majors prefer attending sports events, shopping and spending time with their families.


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