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Opodo Signs Contract with KPNwest

Pan-European data communications and hosting company, KPNQwest , has signed a contract with Opodo to provide a multi-site IP VPN connecting sites across Europe.
  Under the terms of the deal, KPNQwest will provide a robust and scalable IP VPN service interconnecting locations across Europe by Quarter 2, 2002. Thereafter, Opodo intends to extend its reach during 2002 and beyond. The IP VPN will become the core network for Opodo supporting ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications, online transactions, billing and ticket distribution. The network is secure, reliable and provides full redundancies, such as dual local tails, to completely eliminate all single points of failure. Sites in Germany and the UK have already been connected.

The IP VPN service will help Opodo users access the portal to get the best airfares and car rentals, travel insurance and travel advice with speed and reliability. The all-IP platform can be scaled out rapidly to more locations or provide additional bandwidth capabilities to support future requirements. The service also provides Opodo with the option to combine its voice and data communications seamlessly across one network to further reduce their communication costs.