Travelocity Survey Reveals Travellers Support Voluntary Identification Programs

While the Federal Aviation Administration has mandated various increased airport security measures during the past several months, a vast majority of travelers continue to voice support for programs such as a “Trusted Traveler Card” to ensure travel safety, according to a poll released today by Inc. (Nasdaq: TVLY), the most popular travel site on the Web.

Among already implemented FAA security procedures, survey respondents claim bomb-sniffing dogs, manual luggage searches and limited access to gated areas as being the top three security procedures that make them feel most secure.

“From this survey of customers, it is clear that travelers overwhelmingly support a voluntary identification program like Trusted Traveler that will speed them through airports,” said Terrell B. Jones
, president and chief executive officer of “It`s also significant to point out that travelers are willing to grant law enforcement access to travel reservation information for security reasons. While travelers support the Trusted Traveler concept, the survey data also suggests both government and industry need to remain alert to concerns about government use of personal information.”

In a February 2002 survey, almost 3,400 members who have traveled since Sept. 11, 2001, responded to various questions regarding airport found that:


-Travelers Support Voluntary Travel ID Card.

-Travelers Support Federal Access To Travel Information.

-Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Make Travelers Feel Most Secure.
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