New Technology from Viisage.

Viisage Technology has introduced SecureFLIGHT, a free-standing, automated image capture system that links Viisage`s biometric networked processor (BNP) with its powerful FaceFINDER software for overt screening at airport security checkpoints.
This advanced system has been designed to ensure the highest quality, standardized facial image capture in a secure and durable unit. This system is currently deployed at Fresno Yosemite International Airport in Fresno, CA and St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport, FL and is in pilot test at Logan International Airport, MA.

Viisage`s SecureFLIGHT integrates an illumination source with a high-resolution color camera to capture optimal live video of passengers` faces as they enter security checkpoints. It features an audio speaker and indicator lights to notify passengers when they can proceed through the checkpoint. It also features a live video monitor to gain the attention of passengers prior to walking through the checkpoint. Once a passenger enters the checkpoint, SecureFLIGHT transmits the live video stream to Viisage`s BNP running FaceFINDER in order to process the image. The image is then compared against a database of known criminals and terrorists provided by law enforcement. The entire process, from entering the checkpoint to exiting, takes on average 5 seconds.