New Appointment for Webvertisig

Webvertising, Inc. announced today the appointment of Mr. Joel Manby to the company?fs Board of Directors.  Mr. Manby became a Director of Webvertising in December, 2001.

?gWe are extremely excited about having Joel on our board to help us guide Webvertising through the very exciting growth opportunities the company faces?h, said Dougal Cameron, Chairman of Webvertising?fs Board of Directors. ?gHis experience in other ventures is very relevant to the kinds of things we are trying to accomplish at Webvertising.  We are focusing on the growth of our iHotelier division and on opportunities presented by what we think is the beginning of a new paradigm in Internet applications that will do for other Web and e-commerce applications, what our OneScreen patent-pending technology has done for online reservations ?h.

Mr. Manby is also the Chairman of the Board for Silver Dollar City Incorporated, a privately held entertainment company with operations in five states.  From March of 2000 until February of 2001, Mr. Manby was the CEO of in San Francisco, a Silicon Valley start-up funded by Kleiner Perkins,, and Asbury Automotive (the largest privately held dealer group in the country).  Joel helped the company launch Amazon, while raising $29 million in capital in the middle of the dot-com meltdown.  Greenlight was sold to its largest competitor, CarsDirect, in February of 2001.  From 1985 until February 2000, Mr. Manby worked for General Motors ending with his last four years as the CEO of GM?fs division, Saab USA.  Mr. Manby attended Harvard Business School on a GM scholarship and received his Masters of Business Administration in 1985.  Prior to this, he had worked 2 years at General Motors.  Mr. Manby attended undergraduate at Albion College.

?gIt?fs great to be involved with a company like Webvertising at this stage in their growth.  I am looking forward to working with the rest of the team to achieve the company?fs goals?h, Joel Manby commented about his appointment to Webvertising?fs Board of Director.