InnLink Launches New Web Site

Internet distribution system (IDS) services, and customer relationship management (CRM) programs announces the activation of its new Web site ( in addition to adding over 50 new staff members and enhancing its customer relationship management (CRM) program options.

According to Mike Young, InnLink`s President, “InnLink`s new web site, under development for the past several months, provides a completely updated presentation of the company and its position in the reservation service industry. By adding key new staff members in call center operations, account management, sales, and marketing, InnLink is well positioned to move forward its plan to grow both the organization and its customer base. Our newly enhanced CRM programs reflect the direction that our customers want to go. InnLink has always listened to its customers, and we don`t have any plans to change that.”
“The addition of forty call center reservation sales agents is in direct response to the addition of new accounts,” says Yolanda Lowe, InnLink`s Vice President of Call Center Operations.

According to Mike Otten, InnLink`s Director of Sales and Marketing, “The activation of InnLink`s new web site is timed to coincide with the enhancement of the company`s services and the addition of staff. We see these events as simply the first stage in the company`s emergence as a major reservation representation provider both domestically and globally. With InnLink`s background in hospitality, reservations` technology, and its excellent reputation for customer service and support, InnLink will continue to attract customers seeking a lasting and rewarding partnership.”