Autodesk introduces multimedia messaging

Autodesk Location Services has announced the availability of what it calls the industry`s first location MMS (location-enabled Multimedia Messaging Service) and location SMS (location-enabled Short Messaging Service) solutions.
Autodesk describes Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) as offering a dramatic increase in mobile-to-mobile messaging by enabling two or more media sources ?Eincluding sound, animations, and video clips ?Eto be integrated and sent along with text.
By location-enabling MMS, wireless operators can offer further value to subscribers by making the MMS relevant to the user`s location. For example, a business traveler seeking accommodation could enter a short command for locating hotel options and the location intelligence in the system would determine the whereabouts of the traveler and provide information for hotels in the vicinity. Using MMS, the subscriber would be able to view photographs of the hotel`s facilities.