Hotel-e-com launch Upgrade RoomMate Facility at Confex

Hotel-e-com have announced upgrade services for producing instant colour photographs with RoomMate, the all-in-one business centre for hotel guest rooms.
Alongside fax, colour printing with laptop connectivity and blue tooth enabled PDA, photocopying and scanning facilities, RoomMate now also has a facility for producing instant colour photographs from a digital camera. Simply take the disc out of your camera, insert it into RoomMate and choose the pictures you want to reproduce. Then simply print them off or fax them. Ideal for business presentations or even sending postcards.
RoomMate offers a revolution in communication for the business traveller. Most business travellers carry a laptop PC and a mobile phone with them, but when they want to send or receive a fax, photocopy, scan or print a document while away from the office, they have to rely on hotel staff and are often restricted to office hours with hotel business centres, where there is no confidentiality. With RoomMate in their room they have instant communication, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Deals can be completed and documents signed and faxed outside office hours.
Each guest is provided with a unique and personal fax number for the duration of their stay which is de-activated when they leave and a new number originated for their next guest.
RoomMate also offers a facility for guests to settle their bill from the comfort of their room. This service is called Bill-e-fax. All RoomMate transactions can be faxed back to reception with the guest keeping a copy for their own records. Invaluable for people wanting to save time. Breakfast and snacks can also be ordered over RoomMate using the Brek-e-fax or Snack-e-fax facilities. A customised menu can be filled in and faxed direct to the kitchen and the food delivered direct to the room.
RoomMate can give hotels a unique competative edge, attracting business travellers and offering an additional profit-making opportunity for each hotel room. 
Guests have the confidence of knowing they have 24 hour communication with privacy and confidentiality and from the comfort and security of their own hotel room.