AgentWare for Adelman.

Adelman Travel Group has selected the AgentWare Travel Console to search and book Web fares for its corporate clients.
Adelman, headquartered in Milwaukee, with reservation centers in Milwaukee, Boston and Santa Ana, California plans on placing the Travel Console on the desktops of its travel consultants to complement fares found through traditional distribution channels.

The AgentWare Travel Console is a Web fare search tool dedicated to enhancing the value provided by travel agents. Travel agencies can track and report on Web bookings made via the Travel Console through adapters to popular back-office systems. Customer profiles and Super PNRs can be created and stored using the Travel Console, enabling travel agents to track customer purchases and even service transactions made with Web-based vendors.

The Travel Console also makes consolidator fares available to travel agents providing even more low cost alternatives to clients and an additional revenue stream to Adelman. The Travel Console makes pricing and booking consolidator fares easier by providing a snap-shot of the market for specific fares, allowing the travel consultant to offer the client the lowest price while keeping the agency in the distribution channel at a markup for a reasonable profit.