Crystal Cruises e-brochures

Crystal Cruises became the first supplier to use e-Marketing`s E-brochure program, which enables agencies to e-mail clients electronic brochures for free.

E-Marketing, an Atlanta-based communications firm with a database of 43,000 agency e-mail addresses, have unveiled two Crystal brochures and the E-brochure program.

Suppliers pay e-Marketing a one-time production fee of $15,000 for the brochures and 75 cents per delivered e-mail, said e-Marketing president Michael Goldberg.

Suppliers will be marketing the program to agencies and consumers.

Andy Leavitt, senior vice president of marketing for Crystal, said the company will e-mail agencies and consumers in the next few weeks to announce the availability of electronic Europe and Alaska/Canada brochures.


Leavitt said the brochures advise agency clients and other consumers to book with travel agencies.