Satellite Ticket Delivery From Amadeus

Amadeus, a leading global distribution system (GDS) and technology provider to the travel industry, announces the launch of its new Satellite Ticket Delivery Offices (STDO) in the UK. 
Based on its existing system, the new satellite ticket delivery enables travel agencies to print and issue tickets from any non-IATA travel agency location, resulting in significant cost savings and an even faster service to customers.

Previously the only way in which agents could print tickets at another site was if both locations held full International Air Transport Association (IATA) licences. The new STDO system makes its possible for a full IATA agency to print tickets at a non-IATA location - a significant development for leisure / business agencies and tour operators.

Based on centrally coordinated ticket entries, ticket information is sent directly to the satellite office where it is printed. For agents this means lower costs, faster delivery and tighter quality control:

Lower costs:

-On site ticketing means satellite offices no longer incur courier costs

-Agencies no longer need to purchase a full IATA license for each offices - only one full IATA licence is required at the central office

Faster delivery:

-Remote offices can now print and issue tickets for customers immediately, avoiding delays incurred by postal delivery


Improved quality control:

-Central data entry through specialist staff means tighter control over standards and a reduction in the risk of costly errors

“Our new satellite ticketing system has been developed to make the process of ticket allocation more manageable and cost effective for travel agencies and operators,” commented Mark Lewsey, Amadeus UK marketing director. “Centralising the system while maintaining remote ticketing gives our customers the best of both worlds, by giving them the flexibility to print tickets from any location while maintaining the control and issue of data from a central point.”

This is in addition to the previous satellite ticket printing (STP) which was primarily aimed at business travel agencies printing at corporate locations.


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